Happy Monday from Connie and Fish! We were having a conversation on Friday about that new show on #TLC called “Pimple Poppers” and people started texting in with weird things that their “person” had growing on them that they may have popped. Now we are dying to know. So we made it the #tqotd

What’s the grossest thing you have done for your significant other?

  • I didn't do this but when I got my wisdom teeth pulled my boyfriend took a dissolved Tylenol out of my mouth full of gause and blood
  • Text Question of the Day: Once I was really really drunk and was laying on the couch. I was thirsty, but didn’t want to sit up. So my husband “baby bird” water into my mouth. (He put the water in his mouth then spit it in mine to drink). The things you do when you’re drunk. 😖
  • Sickest thing?? I had to PULL the sinus packing OUT of my husband's nose after surgery!!
  • Worst thing I've done for my significant other. After gallbladder surgery cleaning up his accidental poopy boxers lol.
  • It's a toss up between giving him an enema 😳 or removing a catheter 😢😢😢
  • I shave his back.... ugh
  • Grossest thing? Changed the dressing after his oral surgery
  • Dig out ingrown hairs in her bikini area
  • The grossest thing I've ever had to do for my fiancé is pop his back pimples. I honestly like popping them, but it is gross at the same time.
  • Cut my hubby's toe nails
  • Grossest thing for hubby: close tie between cleaning up his puke on a drunken night at a friend's house (not easy to get out of curtains), and shaving his back
  • The grossest thing I had to do for my boyfriend was in college. It was his first time drinking he got sick and threw up in a bathtub. Using my bear hands I had to pull out vodka and fillet-o-fish out of the tub.
  • the grossest thing I have ever done for a significant other was that I cleaned up his puke after he vomited all over my bathroom. And I do mean ALL OVER.
  • Grossest thing for sig other: three words- food poisoning explosions 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 it was EVERYWHERE!!! The ceiling, like, how?! Had to put puppy pads under his butt in bed because he had NO CONTROL.
  • I had the pilonidal cyst area surgically removed above my tailbone a few years back. My poor hubby whom worked 2nd shift woke up at 430 am everyday for 8 months to pack it before it finally healed... I thought he was going to pass out a few times!
  • My husband had flesh eating bacteria 2 years ago, and I had to change the bandages on the wounds, which was basically his entire upper leg and hip. This includes tucking gauze into a few deep areas. I've got a few other gross stories from this but we will leave it at that!!
  • I am a banker not a nurse so this was really hard...but you just do what you have to do!!
  • I need to be anonymouse because I promised to never tell. After my hubby had surgery on both arms he had diarrhea and I had to wipe him up. Seeing my big burly husband, pants at his ankles holding a roll of toilet paper with the look of defeat on his face admitting he needed help to wipe his own butt was horrible. He made me promise to never speak of it...so I'm typing it. 😉😇
  • Removing ticks from his front nether region 😂 😂
  • Lanced cyst
  • When I first met my girl, her cat was constipated. I held his head n she was digging poop out of his butt. That cat bit clean thru my finger. Won't bd do in that again.
  • My husband has really nasty, dry skin between his toes. On occasion he asks me to itch between his toes and peel the dry skin. I do it otherwise he'll constantly ask me until I give in. It's so gross but I love him.
  • Good morning Connie and Fish, my name is Maddie, the grossest thing I have ever done for a significant other was that I cleaned up his puke after he vomited all over my bathroom. And I do mean ALL OVER.
  • Not my partner but my absolute best friend (might as well be my partner). She had a bump around her lady parts so I went at it with a pair of tweezers. Turns out it was an ingrown hair. But omg when I pulled that bad boy out it was 3 inches long!!! It was just a coiled up pube hair waiting to be set free! #besties4life
  • My husband pooped his pants in public and there was nowhere to throw away his underwear so I rolled them up and put them in my purse.
  • SHAVING BACKS: tell guys there is a razor on Amazon my hubby finally got that the guy can shave their back on their own! It's long and they can reach behind like a back scratcher