Naming your baby is a fun and occasionally stressful occasion.  Should you choose a family name?  Should the name be popular and traditional or modern and unique?  Or maybe just let the baby choose by using this app!  Regardless of the name you choose, when is the best time to announce it? tells us the most popular times to reveal a baby's name:

During pregnancy

A surprising 64 percent of parents spill the beans about their baby's name during pregnancy. Perhaps these parents want to make their announcement sooner rather than later so they don't risk that pregnant cousin calling dibs on the name they want.

After birth

In contrast, 31 percent of parents keep their name choice safely under wraps until their baby's arrival. Keeping it a secret can help avoid unwanted feedback about the name, since the decision feels much more final once the baby's actually here. Another good reason for waiting? Dramatic flair!

Before conception

A few would-be parents (5 percent) announce their name of choice when their baby is still just a twinkle in their eye. Perhaps they plan to honor a favorite grandparent or great-grandparent and want to tell that person, or maybe they just know what they want and see no reason not to share.

What works for some parents will not work for others.  My wife and I waited until after birth to announce the name for all three of our kids.  In fact, we wanted to wait to see our newborn to be sure the names we were leaning towards fit.

When did you (or will you) reveal your baby's name?  Why?