Hurray for Buzzfeed Quizzes!  Curtis absolutely L-O-V-E-S Buzzfeed Quizzes, so when he found a quiz that tells you which celebrity you should bring to Thanksgiving, he had to take it!  Connie and Steve also took the quiz and we got some interesting results... Check them out!

Here are our results:

Getty Images, Kevin Winter

Connie's Results: Drake
"Ohhhhhh man — talk about a LIT THANKSGIVING. By the time your family’s meal is over, you’ll be at the club wondering how the fuck you even got there. And when all is said and done, your mom won’t stop raving about how great of a guest Drake was. I mean, in all honestly, he’s the best she’s ever had."

Getty Images, Michel Porro

Curtis' Results: Adele
"Let’s be honest — there’s no greater gift than [Dirty Word Removed] Adele. I mean, who wouldn’t want an award-winning singer and all-around badass betch in the kitchen helping you and your mom baste the precious turkey? After dinner, she’d probably hum a sweet melody that’d put your dad into a food coma on the couch. Hello from the other siiiiiiiiiide!"

Getty Images, Neilson Barnard

Steve's Results: Beyoncé
"Someone better have that lemonade ready because Beyoncé is comin’ over!!! While she is one to cook, this is the time to pull out ALL the stops. Make sure to seat our ~QUEEN~ at the head of the table because…um…she’s [Dirty Word Deleted] Beyoncé."

Now it's time for you to take the quiz and let us know your results in the comments!