Over 7,000 fans watched the Whitecaps win their season opener today!  It was quite a game.  The Whitecaps came from behind and won 13-12!  And just as important, baseball and warm temperatures mean spring is back!

The Whitecaps' road opener was postponed 3 straight days due to the weather in Lansing.  The early forecast showed today's game could have met the same fate, but things turned out quite differently.

On a day when the Whitecaps gave away winter hats to fans who arrived early, temperatures reached 83!  Nobody's complaining though.  In fact, maybe next year they should giveaway mittens and keep a good thing going.

I was at the Detroit Tigers home opener on Friday.  I was wearing two coats.  That's four layers of clothes plus a poncho on standby.  Today all fans had to pack was sunscreen.

Whether you are a baseball fan or not, I hope you got and and enjoyed the weather today!