Don MacKenzie from Waterford, Connecticut is a very big Lobster fan. Normally he likes to buy them to eat them, but not this time. Don bought "The Dock" restaurant's world famous 17-pound lobster, nicknamed Lucky Larry.

Why is he named Lucky Larry? I really don't know why, but it's a well deserved name. Don just decided to release the Lobster back into the sea instead of letting himself or anyone else eat him.

MacKenzie said Lucky Larry is about 80-years-old and stated that, "It takes seven years for him to even become a lobster big enough to keep. For a lobster to live this long and avoid lobster traps, nets, lobster pots ... he doesn't deserve a bib and butter."

Don won't reveal how much cash he forked over for the Lobster but said to The Day, "Let's just say that it's the most expensive lobster I never ate." He took the lobster back to sea Tuesday morning, releasing it in a secret location, where he said it would be almost impossible for fishermen to recapture the sea creature.