OK, let’s get real for a second.

I came across a Facebook friend’s post who was complaining because she wasn’t sure how to get into her car because of how the other car parked next to her.

I had to recreate this post and the pictures, because we have “company rules” that save us from getting sued… so I’m going to have to “Rescue 911” recreate (still all the truth, just none of the real) this madness so you can help me.

So she posted:



(In this totally recreated scenario – she’d be the green truck, talking about the black car)

Rob Sparks/Townsquare Media

Her friends’ comment are what gets me…  (again budget version because of “rules”)

Friend 1: What the hell is wrong with people that happened to me last week I had to get in the passenger side and crawl over the middle console


Friend 2:  I had this problem in the E.R. garage once in my truck and the driver had a plastic car so I just cracked and broke the plastic doors not using my door and I left them a not telling the them they lucky that's … people don't respect SUV's


Friend 3: Girl, leave them a nice little note


FINALLY Friend 4 challenged the whole idea a bit


Friend 4: Well...in defense of the person in the gray car, you are parked right on the line there my dear. I never park close for this very reason. My truck is just too big to fit in a normal parking spot. Plus it's good for me to walk the extra distance


HER REPLY: Nope!! I was there first!! I stayed in my space. They had more space on her side




Who do you think is in the wrong?  Her in the “green” truck or the car that parked IN THEIR SPOT?

I think you can tell which way I’m leaning - Rob