Relationships end. It's a fact of life. And sometimes, you have no idea how or why things ended. But, fret no longer! Wot Went Wrong (I have no idea why they spelled it that way) is here to help you get feedback on your failed relationships!

The app allows you to request feedback from your former fling. Their motto is "Find Out. Learn. Move On," which I suppose is good advice for any relationship. But, without finding out why things happened the way they did, it's hard to learn from those experiences and move on with your life.

Basically, the app sends a message to your ex, and asks them to provide feedback on what went wrong in your relationship. Why would someone actually respond to that request? Well, the makers of Wot Went Wrong say,

We ask you to answer a set of ratings questions that act as a teaser for your date. We entice your date to provide you with feedback in return for them being able to view your answers to these ratings questions.

So, how does it work? Well, they say it's simple. When you sign up, you can choose from one of several customizable templates to request feedback from an ex. After you've done all of your customizing, you can send your ex a request for feedback via email, Facebook, or text message. You ex will then be able to choose from predefined reasons or create their own and optionally add additional explanations. From there, you'll be notified when your feedback is ready to be viewed. The feedback report includes customized advice appropriate to your needs.

So basically, you get a dating report card, with suggestions for improvement. I get the feeling that this app is best used by people with thick skin. Especially since, sometimes, you don't want to know why someone doesn't want to be with you anymore.