Their are many reasons women don't want to be men and men don't want to be women.  Kidd Kraddick and the gang jumped into that very subject the other morning with some amazing insight!  Well, maybe not amazing insight, but they definitely had some laughs on the subject.  I think that this could spur some very fun debate among everyone.  So I ask you women, why don't you want to be man?  And men, what are the reasons you don't want to be a woman?  Click 'READ MORE' to listen to Kidd and the gang's answers to those questions, and a few reasons why I wouldn't want to be a woman...

OK, and now a few reasons why I would not want to be a woman...

I wouldn't want to spend an hour on my hair every day.

High school... and by that I mean, I am glad I didn't have to be involved in the clickiness of fashion and social circles that girls experience in high school.

And lastly, most women can't throw a frizbee as far as guys, and I LOVE frizbee golf :)

Much love to women though, they are more pleasant and much prettier than guys!

So what are your reasons?  Post below!