Memorial Day is Monday and with it comes a 3-day weekend.  The extra time off is nice if you have it, but are you going to take full advantage?

Will gas prices effect your Memorial Day weekend travel plans?

Gas prices are slightly lower in West Michigan today than they were exactly one year ago...for now. reports that gas prices have actually gone down over Memorial Day weekend the last two years:


Prefaced with the prediction prices could still nudge up slightly this week, ('s Patrick) DeHaan said prices dipped even on Memorial Day and the day after last year.

Prices in West Michigan on May 27 last year, the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, were $3.97, DeHaan said, and kept falling to $3.89 the day after the holiday.

"People become so hypersensitive to gas price around any holiday, you know, that even if prices don’t go up they have a tendency to believe that they have in years past," DeHaan said.

Well, count me among those people who have a tendency to believe that gas prices go up over holiday weekends.  I filled up both of my family's cars a couple of days ago.  Trying to predict gas prices in West Michigan is like trying to predict the weather in West Michigan...and we all know how well that usually works out.

Whether prices go up or down a little will help or hurt a little, but it will still be expensive to travel this weekend either way.