Here is your chance to pick up $1000 or more from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning!  All this contest takes are a few simples steps.  Just goto Kidd's Facebook page and click the like button.  Then be ready to play each morning and give Kidd a call (1-800-KIDD-LIVE) when he asks for 'Like Money' players!  See, told you that it was easy!  Get all the rules by clicking 'READ MORE'

Here are the contest rules:

LOVE money?! Then you’ll LIKE MONEY even more! Kidd Kraddick in the Morning is turning Facebook "Likes" into cash! You could win $1 for every new "Like" Kidd gets on his Facebook page in a 24 hour period!* And trust us, Kidd gets a lot of Facebook Likes! For example: 823 new Likes on Kidd's Facebook page=$823 or 1256 new Likes on Kidd's Facebook page=$1256!

But to get the LIKE MONEY option, you gotta choose the right door! You'll have 3 doors to choose from and you won't know what's behind each door until you play!  It could be:

  • A guaranteed $1000
  • The Like Money option
  • Or your choice - $1000 or the Like Money option!

*The "Like Money" amount is the positive difference in fans in the 24-hours since we last played the game. Example: If the page increases by 2 thousand "likes" between games, the amount would be two-thousand dollars! Mondays could be really big, as the page has three full days to gain fans! So TELL YOUR FACEBOOK FRIENDS to go to ( for a shortcut) and hit the LIKE button! The more who join, the more you can win!

Good luck!