Well when you're on a Cell Phone, you can let things you need to pay attention to slip your mind. A girl in northern China was walking down the street talking on her cell phone when the sidewalk suddenly CAVED IN, and she fell about 15 feet below. A taxi driver saw it happen and climbed down the hole to help. Apparently, she was already unconscious when he got down to her. The fire department ended up having to use a ladder to get them both out, and a security camera caught it all on video...thank the lord for cameras but not well made sidewalks, right?

Authorities say water had eroded the ground under the sidewalk and created a huge pit. Which is the exact reason the are in hurry to fix the issue at the corner of Michigan and Coit in Grand Rapids, earlier last week, a person who was not bright decided they did not know how to drive and hit the fire hydrant.