This is a cool story.  A lot of times when you lose something, you assume it’s gone for good.

Well, last week Ionia Department of Public Safety was contacted by a lady who lived in San Diego, CA.  She had found this Ionia Fire Fighter badge buried in the yard of a house she used to own and she wanted to get it back to it’s rightful owner.

Ionia DPS did some research and found the fire fighter they believed it belonged to, now living in southern California.  When they asked him if he had lost his Ionia Fire Fighter badge, he told them how it was stolen from his car many years ago.  He had just assumed it was gone for good.  Ionia DPS gave the former fire fighter the lady’s contact info and he’s now in the process of getting his badge back.

Sometimes what’s once was lost, isn’t gone forever; a little life lesson.