Women don't like to be associated with other women who this certain trait even if they have that trait themselves. 


We all look for certain qualities and characteristics in people when choosing who we want to be friends with. We also look for the things we don't like. A new study in the "Journal  of Social and Personal Relationships" found one trait that women don't really like their friends to have is promiscuity. The study showed that 90 percent of women agreed that to be true. Even women who have been with plenty of other partners do not want to be around other women who have had many partners either. Researchers were shocked at this information because they figured promiscuous women would be able to turn to other promiscuous women for support.  The theory is that since there is still such a strong attitude towards women who are considered slutty, women don't want to be associated with other women who appear to be or are that way even if they are themselves considered slutty. On the other hand, men did not care whether they were friends with other men who have had many partners.  Hmm. Perhaps this is due to double standards?