One of West Michigan's own is being lauded not only for his meteorological skills, but also his rugged good looks!

WOOD-TV 8's Matt Kirkwood was recently listed by the Mother Nature Network as one of "America's Hottest Weather Forecasters".

Kirkwood is in good company with the likes of the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore, Doug Kammerer from NBC 4 Washington, and Rob Marciano from CNN.

What did they have to say about West Michigan's hottest weather man?

This Midwestern weather hunk with warm blue eyes and a jaw so square that it could probably break a cinderblock just screams masculinity with interests that include weightlifting, muscle cars and making lusty Lower Michigan weather watchers weak at the knees. According to Kirkwood’s Facebook page — he has a lot of friends and we can understand why — he’s married with an anniversary of Sept. 13, 1997.

Do you agree with these findings? Or is there another West Michigan weather-hottie that makes you sweat?