I don't know if kids these days are bullied more than kids were in the past, or if it's just getting more attention these days. I’ve never been bullied, but my guess is that if you haven’t experienced it, then you probably don’t often stop to think about how big of a problem it is. The video below is all too real for those who have had to deal with being bullied on a daily basis. Parents are being encouraged more and more to discuss bullying with their children. You never know… your kid could be getting bullied… or he could be the bully.

With bullying often leading to suicide down the road, what more important of an issue could there be to discuss with your kids?

Alye’s message in the video clip is simple, but touching. “Think before you say things. It might save…lives,” she writes in a series of signs, which can be seen in the video below.

I've also included one of many response videos that have since been posted on YouTube.