Yes the headline is true, Maria Lucimar Pereira of Brazil is celebrating her 121st birthday today!  Pereira lives in a remote corner of the Amazon in the Brazilian state of Acre.  She attributes her health and longevity to her simple way of life that is derived from Amazon rain forest.

After the Brazilian government verified her birth certificate (which stated she was born in 1890), she was announced as the world's oldest person.  The previous record holder was Besse Cooper of Monroe, Georgia.  Besse was a youthful 115 years old at the time, but has since passed away.

With all of the healthy gimmicks, tricks, and tips circulating nowadays, perhaps we should take cues from Pereira's lifestyle.  She only eats natural foods that are grown in and around her village in the Amazon.  She also does not use any sort of artificial products from a nearby city.

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