Expedia's recent "Flip Flop Report" gives a break down of common habits of beach goers around the world.   After surveying 8600 people, 46% took a beach vacation in the last 12 months, and 64% said they were "somewhat or very likely" to go on a sandy excursion in the next year.

When asked about comfort level around nude beach patrons, 23% said they were somewhat to very comfortable in that situation. 29% said they were to neutral to the nakedness, and 27% would prefer that others keep the goods covered up.

While 33% of people said they would never go topless or nude at the beach, most Germans are cool with it. 17% admitted to nude beach attendance, compared to 5% of Americans.

Fears that trouble Americans before hitting the seaside; are stolen possesions (54%), drowning/rip currents and sharks (each 16%), and jellyfish stings (10%).

Sharks are the main fear for those in Singapore (85%), and Malaysians are most afraid of drowning (42%)

In true Borat fashion, the speedo is most popular in France (91% think it's acceptable) and Italy (87% approve).

The rest of the details and full report can be found at this link: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/expedia-2013-flip-flop-report-examines-beachgoer-behavior-worldwide-germany-takes-top-honors-in-going-naked-on-the-beach-215801351.html