Scientists have discovered a way to keep your ice cream from melting on a hot summer day.  Now, this doesn't mean that your ice cream will never melt, but it can withstand the heat much longer than the normal scoop.

Melt resistant ice cream isn't a new thing, Japanese scientists developed the technology almost a year ago, but the ice cream lost some of its creaminess, so it didn't catch on worldwide.

But Columbian researchers have taken that initial innovation and found a way to keep it creamy.  The researchers figured out that if they use microscopic fibers from a banana plant, the ice cream would take longer to melt, while also retaining the taste of normal ice cream.  The technology will also improve the shelf life of the ice cream and perhaps make it even healthier than your average iced delicacy.

What do you think?  Has science gone too far with this latest innovation?  Should we fight back against this non-melty ice cream?  Let us know by voting in the poll below.