Are you a haunted house lover?  Or are you one of the people who get scared, have an accident, and beg to get out early?  Well, this Buzzfeed quiz is going to try to figure out if you are ready, willing, and able to get through a haunted house!

Everyone on the show took the quiz and here are our results!

Connie's Results:  No, you’re going to die at some point.
"Well, a man with a chainsaw jumped out and actually killed you. It was supposed to be a fake one, but he grabbed the wrong chainsaw. RIP."

Curtis' Results:  You ran away!
"You got spooked by a clown and ran. Too bad, you paid $40 [Expletive] dollars for this haunted house."

Steve's Results:  You made it through!
Obviously, that wasn’t scary at all. Except the clown. Yeah, the clown was scary AF.

Now it's time for you to take the quiz and let us know your results in the comments!