'Tis the season.

The season for huge Christmas light displays and the giant electric bills and neighborhood traffic that come along with them.

The displays are fun for a lot of people.  Those that put them up, those that drive by (especially the kids), and the neighbors...well, some neighbors.

Would you want the traffic and madness that comes with having a massive Christmas light display at your next door neighbor's house?

There are many reasons that people/Scrooge's/Grinch's don't like Christmas lights, including some that I hadn't thought of. Could be a slight to major inconvenience, then again, it could be a lot of fun.

There's a big display in Spring Lake, another by Hudsonville, and many more.

I'd like to think that I'd like a big display next door...but I've never had to try to fall asleep with 50,000+ lights shining through the blinds at night.