Doctors in India were shocked when they discovered knives inside a man who was complaining from stomach pain.

According to the Washington Post, doctors originally thought the patient may of had a tumor inside his stomach until a CT scan proved otherwise. It was knives! And not just one or three... but 40 KNIVES! WHOLE KNIVES INSIDE THIS MAN'S STOMACH!

The patient told doctors that he had "eaten" 28 knives in the last two months. It took five surgeons to carefully remove the knives.

But while some of the knives were folded up, some were not. Their blades exposed, the man was bleeding profusely, said Malholtra. He could not have survived much longer, he added."

I know what you're wondering right now. WHY THE HELL would this man be swallowing knives? We may never know because his reasoning makes absolutely no sense. He told doctors:

..."I have made my mind to take the knives. I don’t know why. Impulse.’ They were taken on impulse only.”

IMPULSE?! It makes me think of the show on TLC, My Strange Addiction, where people were addicted to eating/doing strange things, like the woman who liked to eat her couch or the one who ate her drywall.

I don't know. I couldn't even begin to fathom something like this, but impulse or not, this man is lucky to be alive and needs to consider a new diet.

You can watch the video of the story below, but only if you don't have a weak stomach. But then again after hearing something like this, how can you not?!