So after many weeks, countless auditions, and some annoying judges, we finally reach the moment we all have been waiting for...Melanie Amaro is about to win the first American version of the X-Factor...or at least she would in a perfect world.

Melanie slang it last night when she belted out Beyonce's "Listen" and sang "I Believe I Can Fly" a duet she did with R. Kelly.  In my opinion she far and away sang better then Josh Krajcik, who sang "At Last"  and did "Uninvited" while joined by Alanis Morrisette, and Chris Rene who did his original "Young Homey" and a duet of "Complicated" that he did with Avril Lavigne. I have to say, Chris just can not sing. Sorry to say.

That's the beauty of the show, my opinion only matters as many times as I vote, and your opinion matters just the same.  The winner will be crowned tonight since voting was last night, so our opinion matters not anymore as America has had its lets sit back and enjoy tonights results show as we will find out who America thinks has the "X-Factor"..