Time now for what will be a “Top 9 Pre-cap” to one of the many sing for a contract shows on television, of course I speak of the made for TV drama which is “The X-Factor”. The show normally airs Wednesday on Fox at 8pm, but will air tonight because of the Holiday.

But before we do that lets get you up to date in case you missed anything these past weeks.  Week after week the judges/mentors have been crushing determined singers' dreams, until they had their twelve best singers for live shows. They eliminated three contestants so far, and that leaves the remaining nine.

The Nine finalists who have traveled through cut after cut to make it this far areMelanie Amaro, Rachel Crow, and Drew from judge and mentor Simon Cowell’s group. Josh Krajcik and LeRoy Bell from Nicole Sherzinger’s over 30’s group, along with Astro, Chris Rene, and Marcus Canty from L.A. Reid’s group. Lakoda Rayne, a put together group on the show, is the only group that Paula Abdul mentored that’s in the Top 9.

Let’s recap last week before we move on… They attempted to do the “Rock” genre, I say "attempted" because most of what was played was nowhere near rock… especially when you have two rappers who are performing solo. Even though the theme did not work out, there were still many good performances in my opinion. Melanie, Josh, LeRoy, Rachel and Astro were my favorites. But that took a turn once Astro was placed in the bottom two with Stacie Franics, the one who ultimately went home.

When you’re in the bottom two you must perform for your chance to stay on the show, Astro did not want to.  Astro then came across as someone who does not only seem to be unappreciative, but as someone who did not become a fan favorite when he responded to Simon’s questions.  He was clearly booed after making remarks to the crowd.  I was not a fan of his response either.  I'll let you judge for yourself, here's the clip:


Now let’s talk about tonight’s show. I don’t want to shock anyone, but this week’s theme is “Thankfulness”.  I really don’t know how that will turn out in show, but it will be interesting to see some of the song choices.  Plus, I do not know how thankful one can be on the show knowing that two contestants will go home this week. It's a different twist as normally only one has been eliminated per week.  This may cause for some good trash talking between judges/mentors, which I have to say, is refreshing to see that judges don’t act like they agree on everything just for TV.

I’ll admit it I’m a huge fan of the show, just something about watching people sing for five million dollars, that draws my interest. Yup, you heard me, 5 MILLION DOLLARS is the prize for this non-original contest... It makes me dream too, you’re not the only one. Just keep that 5 million in mind when you’re singing your heart out to Channel 95-7 in your car as you’re driving home from work, I bet no one will look at you funny.

So, now that you’re caught up, check back tomorrow and I will have a recap of the show just in case you are unable to watch.