You've heard of a nude beach but have you heard of NUDE CAMPING?! I guess if it's going to be anywhere, why not Michigan?

According to the Detroit Free Press, Cherry Lane Nudist Resort is located in North Adams (yes, I had to look it up on a map). At this campground, people do the typical things you would do while camping... swim, eat, play sports... but they can do it all naked!

One camper told the Free Press that nudity is not required UNLESS you're in the swimming pool. No bathing suits?! I guess there's nothing to be ashamed of when everyone is in their birthday suits.

Cherry Lane was started in the 60's (obviously) and is still running 50 years later featuring 80-acres of land with a ton of amenities.

On Cherry Lane's website they describe their place as: "Michigan's Adult Playground!" 

They're open through Labor Day weekend and welcome daily visitors until 6 p.m. Just in case you're interested ;)

Apparently there are SIX other nude campgrounds in the state. I didn't even know one existed so obviously I looked them up, but only came up with four:

  1. Turtle Lake Resort in Union City
  2. Forest Hills Club in Saranac
  3. Whispering Oaks Nudist Resort in Oxford
  4. Spruce Hollow Campground in Mesick