If you've been on 131 near Hall in the last few days, you may have seen a billboard that struck you as slightly odd. The billboard, paid for by The Center For Inquiry - Michigan says "You Don't Need God - to hope, to care, to love, to live." They are hoping that the billboard will help stop prejudice towards non-believers.

The group has run into some problems while trying to put up the billboard, though. G-R Outdoor in Rockford wouldn't sell them any space. Saying that the billboard didn't align with the company's Christian values.

They were eventually able to rent from Lamar Advertising.

The billboard has caused a lot of controversy. Many people who are living with the billboard basically in their backyard don't understand why someone would want to promote that message. WZZM 13 posted about it on their Facebook page, and it's already received more than 130 comments from both supporters and non-supporters.

The Center For Inquiry-Michigan is a group of atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists and non-believers that wishes to promote a secular society.

Our friends over at WZZM 13 interviewed people from both sides of the story, check out the video below.