It's time for another Buzzfeed Quiz!  Whoop whoop!  This time we will be taking another quiz that claims to know your age based on a food preference (last week we did a similar quiz that determined your age by dessert preference.)

Curtis, Wendy, and Steve all took the cheese preference quiz and it pretty much missed the boat on guessing everyone's age...

Curtis' Results: 35, You’re in your thirties and cheese is your favorite thing.  He does like cheese, but he is just out of his thirties.


Wendy's Results: 21, You’re in your early twenties. You love good cheese but you can’t afford it yet...  No offense to Wendy, but you ain't 21, girl! :)

Steve's Results: 40+, You’re 40 or older and you love a stinky, sophisticated cheese.  Not quite 40, but he really likes his stinky cheeses!

Take the quiz and post your results in the comments!