With all of the horrible things we see in the news, it’s nice to get a daily dose of “awwww” to take our minds off of things. I usually try and share any good stories I hear on the air. Now, I am sharing some of those things online.

Today, I give you a tiny, adorable kitten named Sprinkles wearing a tiny, adorable purple cast.

Sprinkles lives at the San Diego Humane Society, and came to them in urgent need of medical attention. According to their Facebook page,

She came to us severely injured; we believe her umbilical cord wrapped around her rear leg and cut off her circulation. At such a tender young age, with her eyes still closed, Sprinkles was in a delicate condition. It was vital that we were able to nourish her so she could begin the healing process.

Currently, Sprinkles is wearing that tiny purple cast on what remains of her injured leg, and veterinarians plan to amputate the leg once she's old enough for surgery.

Here's some more photos of Sprinkles: