With all of the horrible things we see in the news, it’s nice to get a daily dose of “awwww” to take our minds off of things. I usually try and share any good stories I hear on the air. Now, I am sharing some of those things online.

Today, I give you a nine-month-old puppy named Luna who feels really bad for chewing up some of her owner's money.

If there's one thing I love about dogs (who am I kidding? I love everything about dogs.), it's their inability to hide their emotions. Dogs have terrible poker faces. Luna has been accused of eating her owner's money, and she obviously can't mask her emotions, either. She can't even look at her owner and at one point, actually confesses.

Though really, the best part of this video is the spot-on use of the Law & Order dunh dunh sound effect. Bravo!