Taking a page right out of the "Never Been Kissed" playbook (Drew Barrymore? "Josie Grossie"? C'mon! You know you saw that movie.)  a 21-year-old Lansing man forged documents to pose as a high school student. James Nash transferred to Mount Pleasant High School during the first week of school, claiming to be 17-year-old Javier Jones. Now why would anyone ever want to go back to high school? Cafeteria food? Book reports? To scam on underage, naive high school girls? Well maybe, but mostly James Nash wanted to play high school football.

And he actually pulled it off for a while! According to Michigan High School Athletic Association rules, any student who turns 19 years old before Sept. 1 is ineligible to compete in any sport at the high school level.So Nash, who was born in 1991 changed all of his legal documents to say he was born in 1994. He forged his birth certificate, school transcripts, and made up a fake address.

Eventually school administrators got an anonymous tip from a parent. Police looked into the matter and discovered Nash's true identity. He was kicked out of Mt. Pleasant High School and may be facing criminal charges for forging documents.

However, Nash did get to play in four varsity football games, two of which the team won. But now the school might have to forfeit those wins.

According to the Mt. Pleasant Morning Sun, the Michigan High School Athletic Association called it “unprecedented” for someone to change their age from older to younger in order to play, and are reviewing the situation.

Hmm. Sounds like they don't want too many movies.