Can't wait for the new iPhone 6 to come out? If you're going to be putting this new piece of Apple technology in your pocket, be prepared to dish out more money for your data usage plan. Each generation of iPhone roughly doubles its data consumption, and there is no reason to believe this won't be true, too, of the 6. And since unlimited data plans have pretty much become extinct, your phone bill will probably increase.

So why will the 6 use more data? Because of the newer, larger screen, consumers are likely to stream more videos- an activity that uses a ton of data. If you're still toughing it out with the iPhone 4 or 4S (which is currently the most common iPhone), an upgrade will boost you up to the 4G network, instead of puttsing around on that outdated, slower 3G. Regardless what generation of iPhone you're currently using, the next iPhone will be more powerful and faster which will make you want to use it more often and for more things. More usage=more data consumed. Pony up, people.