The weather is warming up, we're spending more time outside and by the water, which mean's it's basically mosquito season in Michigan.


So if you're like me and you like to spend a lot of your time in the same places that Mosquitos swarm (lakes, ponds, and anywhere else with standing water) then you're probably always looking for a way to avoid the little terrorists.

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It turns out, you can make yourself less of a target for those Michigan mosquitos just by changing your wardrobe. According to a study from the University of Washington, "The mosquito’s sense of smell influences how it responds to visual cues/colors [...] this color preference only occurs in the presence of carbon dioxide (CO2), which we exhale."

So, if you breathe (which I assume you do) you'll want to limit wearing these colors outdoors without some additional bug protection, unless you want to have a bad time.

What colors should you avoid wearing to keep mosquitos away?

1. Red

2. Cyan

3. Black

4. Orange

Okay, so now that I've helped you quick several items out of your closet for the summer time, here are some of the colors that are safer to wear if you want to keep the mosquitos away:

1. Green

2. Blue

3. Purple

4. White

Of course, none of this is perfect on it's own. You should always pair a good shirt color choice with your favorite bug spray so that you have the best chance to avoid those itchy bites this summer.

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