I am the worst at remembering people's names. I don't know why it is, I mean, it's not that I don't care about the person, I just always forget! These 4 things can be a life saver!

  • 1

    Ask Them How To Spell Their Name

    Note: This will NOT work if their name is Bob or Jill.

  • 2

    Get Their Business Card

    Perfect if this is a business situation, people love handing out cards. Won't work so great in a party setting.

  • 3

    Ask For Their E-Mail Address

    This could come off as awkward as asking how to spell their name. In the right setting, this could work.

  • 4

    Hope They Introduce Themselves To Someone Else

    Yeah, it's rude to listen to other people's conversations but this does work. Next to just flat out telling them I forgot, I always resort to this one.

    The only time this goes ULTRA wrong is when you are introducing them to someone you know. If that happens, out with it, you've been busted.