There are certain rules to life, not anything enforced by laws, but a certain code of things that you should never do. For instance, the you should never wear white after Labor Day rule, I don't really agree, but you get the point. 

Here is a list of 10 things that you should never do, think of them as moral rules I have learned along the way. If you didn't know these certain rules, maybe they can help you along the way.

  • Yell anything at your kid’s or sisters kid's baseball coach. Oops. If you yell at the players, you deserve a fastball to the cup.
  • Fart during a massage. (I wanted to die!)
  • Continue talking to a co-worker after he enters a bathroom stall and sits down. Sorry, Mike.
  • Bring out a half-consumed bottle of wine sealed with aluminum foil. I'll explain privately.
  • Ask someone if their kid is a boy or girl.
  • Give your girlfriend jewelry still attached to a piece of cardboard with the price tag.
  • Use words like “fornication” or “masturbation" in public. Using such Latinate terms instead of simple equivalents is pretentious.
  • Express impatience when your wife/girlfriend is talking to you by repetitively glancing at your watch, tapping your foot, nodding your head rapidly... or faking a seizure.
  • Tell anyone, “Welcome aboard!” unless you're on an actual boat. Sounds dumb.
  • Put on a bagpipe CD at a party. Major party foul.