ALDI is holding a job fair next Monday for its new store on Knapp Street.  The event begins at 7:00 A.M. at the ALDI store located at 5114 28th Street SE, Suite B.

A company leader told WZZM 13 that ALDI is doing so well and able to expand because it saves shoppers money in these tough economic times.  He says that ALDI's competitive wages also allow the company to land the best talent out there.

On average, ALDI opens up 100 new stores in the United States every year and the yare seeing a lot of success here in West Michigan.

ALDI's Director of Operations J.T. Branneman tells WZZM, "There's a lot of growth here on this side of the state for us. We're going to open one obviously over here on Knapp's Corner in September and then we're going to also open another Holland site sometime in the October time frame."