Throughout ArtPrize, we will have an ArtPrize award-winning artist on the show to talk about cool art installations to check out around town.  Jeffrey Songco has had several different ArtPrize installations throughout the years.  This year, Jeffrey won't have an installation because he won the Installation Category Juried Award last year.

Jeffrey will be hanging out with us throughout ArtPrize and telling us about all the happenings around town.

Today, he talked about how ArtPrize will be kicked off with a train whistle at noon on Wednesday, September 19th and gave us a few installations that we should check out right away.  Here they are:

  • The sum of its parts - This installation is a sculpture created with 700 white, 3-gallon buckets which are lit up internally by LED lights.  The sculpture is by Jason Peters based in Brooklyn, NY. It is located at the Sculpture Garden at Kendall College of Art and Design
  • Re:VOLVER - This 3D entry is a sculpture of 13ft toy cap gun by Nathaniel Lewis who is based in Phoenix, AZ. The sculpture is located in the Grand Rapids Art Museum.
  • Harvest Dome 3.0 - This installation is a 20-foot-diameter orb located in the Grand River near Ah-Nab-Awen Park. It is constructed from brightly colored surplus seat-belts and studded with rearview mirrors, set atop a ring of 128 repurposed two-liter soda bottles. It was made by the art group SLO Architecture based in Long Island City, NY.

Listen to the segment below: