Getting that perfect cup-o-joe can be a very satisfying experience, especially after a long night of studying at the library or partying out with friends.  Compiled here for you is our take on West Michigan's Best Coffee.  You don't have to agree with our list, in fact... I almost guarantee that you won't.  So take a look, see how we did, and let us know if we got our list right!

5. Go Java - Grand Rapids

Go Java is a quick and convenient stop for your morning coffee in downtown Grand Rapids.  It is located right near Van Andel Arena on Ionia.  The coffee shop has limited seating, so most of the customers grab their joe to go.  The menu isn't as large as some of the other coffee house's on the list, but that's OK... because their prices are right and their coffee is quite good.

Be sure to stop in here often, because local artists display and sell their work inside.

Rich Moon had a funny comment on their Facebook page:

"Thank you again, Go Java!! I can now face this Monday after an awesome 4 shot mocha!! I feel like screaming "Wheeeee" like that little piggy in the car insurance commercial! lol"

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4. Kava House - Eastown

The Kava House has been an institution in Eastown for over 18 years.  The coffee is absolutely delicious and the pastries and scones are some of the best in Eastown.  An inviting patio is usually packed from the first nice days of Spring straight through to end of October.

The menu is quite expansive and many people consider it the best coffee in Grand Rapids.  I am a fan of all things caramel and I think the Caramel Cafe is a must have from Kava House.

Dave Atler can't get enough of the place and had this to say on their Facebook page:

"Shot of expresso with a double medium roast coffee on weekdays (if I can get parking) and double coffee with a scone on weekends.  Good place to unwind!"

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3. The Bitter End Coffeehouse - Grand Rapids

The Bitter End is a 24 hour coffee shop that is within walking distance of the Grand Rapids GVSU campus and is always full of caffeinated students.  French themed paintings and photographs line the wood walls up to the 1920’s style ceiling.  If I were still in school, this would provide me with a quiet inspiring accommodation for study.  And if you aren’t in the mood for study… a shelf of books, magazines, and games reside next to the barista.

Ok, now on to the more important factor… the coffee.  It is absolutely amazing!  The menu is quite large and in addition to coffee it includes; latte’s smoothies, cold drinks, iced coffees, ice cream, and my favorite, espresso.  The drinks I would recommend to you from this coffee house are the espresso breve and the caramel machiatto (possibly the best in Grand Rapids).

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2. deBoer Bakkerij & Dutch Brothers Restaurant - Holland

If you are in Holland enjoying the lakeshore or just doing some shopping, be sure to stop by this classic Dutch cafe to get a pick-me-up.  Spelled Koffie in Dutch, all of their brands are hand roasted and then carefully crafted into some wonderful blends.  Hand roasted makes for a rich robust flavor and gives the coffee that fresh taste that you just can't get from grounds.

Don't stop at the coffee though, try their Dutch fare to get a true taste of Holland.  Their breakfast dishes go excellently with their hand roasted coffees.  I grab the hippy hash for breakfast when I am there.

Candy Zych starts her mornings with deBoer Bakkerij, or so she claims on Facebook:

"A must for you to start your Morning with a great Breakfast and a black coffee."

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1. Herman's Boy - Rockford

Herman's Boy is a true coffee legend in Grand Rapids and beyond.  They have been roasting and brewing coffee in West Michigan for over 100 years.  The farm house styled building and inviting aromas put a smile on your face as soon as you arrive.

Herman's Boy has over 40 unique flavored coffees and 70 different blends at anytime.  All of their coffees are roasted on the premises in small batches to ensure GREAT flavor.  You can go on and on about Herman's Boy (and many people do).

Not only does Herman's Boy excel in the world of coffee, they also do meats, cheeses, home baked goods, and pastries.  Do your flavor buds a favor and check this place out!

With everything said about Herman's Boy, it becomes quite obvious why I chose them as the Best Coffee in West Michigan.  The consumers love it too!  Here are some comments left by fans on their Facebook page:

Penny Geers:

"Herman's Boy is THE best coffee :) Just enjoyed some snickerdoodle this morning"

Norm Banfield:

"I've always been a fan and always will be!! Good food, coffee and great giving people. Thanks for all you do for our community."

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So what did I miss?  What should have made the list but didn't?  Do Bigby or Starbucks deserve to grace the list, or should it all be local?  Let me know your thoughts, they are always appreciated!  Help us refine our list so that we can bring you the Best Coffee in West Michigan!