Every year social norms and expectation force you to spend your money on people you can't stand.

So if you're having trouble finding a gift for those "special people" Quidco  has come up with some ideas.

These are the best gifts to give someone you would prefer to never see again.

1.  Chocolates- everyone likes them and if your lucky it will make them sick.

2.  Bottle of Wine-  Booze gets forgotten at other people's houses all the time.  Next time this happens to you just save it for a Christmas present.

3.  Bubble Bath-  The gift you got last year and you cant stand how it smells.  Its time to make it someone else's problem.

4.  Books-  Read books carefully so you don't damage them and you can use them as gifts for people you don't care about when you are done.

5.  Socks-  Everyone needs socks.

6.  DVD-  Bought a movie that you ended up hating?  Give it away.

7.  Cheap Perfume-  Make sure the person you dislike stays alone forever with stinky perfume.

8.  Scarf-  Its winter so here is a scarf.

9.  soap-hygiene might make them more likable

10.  CD-  bad CD's make great angry gifts.