Katy Perry's girl power anthem "Roar" has been lip dubbed and re-done about a billion times since it was released. Schools performed to it in hopes to get Perry to perform at their schools, a children's hospital did a lip-dub to it that was amazing, and now there's this. A burlesque dancer doing a dance routine to the song that will leave you speechless, but in a good way. Warning: it IS a little NSFW (depending on where you work), and may not be suitable for little eyes, though there's no nudity, I promise. 

The dancer we see here is named Amanda Trusty and she talked a little about this performance on her blog:

I think this video speaks a million words for my journey, and no more explanation is needed, other than explaining that burlesque is an art form where clothing is removed. So you will see skin. You will see all of my passion. And you will hear screams from over 200 people who have shared part of my journey with me, and have probably been on some version of it themselves.

[Trust Me, I've Been There]