West Michigan’s Favorite

Wyoming Is Ranked As One Of The Most Livable U.S. Cities
According to a 2020 Gallup poll, 50% of Americas prefer to live in a town or rural area. The coronavirus crisis has also made places with low population densities more appealing, and small cities can offer the energy and creativity of urban life while boosting your savings in an affordable community…
Tulip Time Update
Tulip Time will return after being cancelled last year. Due to directives from the CDC some changed are being put in place.
Amway River Bank Run Rescheduled
It's the largest 25k race in the country and it's been postponed. The Amway River Bank Run was supposed to take place this May 8th but organizers have rescheduled the event to October 23.
Here, Smell This…MMMM!
When I woke up this morning, I checked my phone like most days. I had received a late night text from my daughter. She had sent me a TikTok. Nothing new about that! It was about the cutest candle shop in Grand Rapids. They love to burn...let's investigate...

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