Today for Steve's Stories we had a very special guest from the Tri-Cities Historical Museum in Grand Haven!  Julie, the museum's director, came in to help Steve out with his final segment on the Great Lakes.  Julie brought in all sorts of artifacts for us to enjoy during the segment.  We got to check out an animal fat bar of soap, several animal pelts that would have been in big demand during the fur trade, and even a beaver pelt top hat that Steve got to try on!

This weeks Steve's Stories dealt with the Grand River region of Michigan and looked at some of the people, and their stories, that lived in the region.  You can listen to the entire segment below!  (And Steve was so proud of Curtis on today's segment, he only ruined one of the artifacts the museum brought in!  Good for you, buddy!)

If you missed any of the previous weeks Great Lakes editions of Steve's Stories, you can listen to those right here as well!  Check those out below!