One North Carolina city is taking a stand against residents who want to hand out this kind of candy on Halloween.  It has nothing to do with allergies, political correctness, or medical marijuana.  Nope, it just has to do with bad taste.

The City of High Point, North Carolina has banned peanut butter kisses.  You know, those little peanut butter taffy candies that come in the orange and black wrappers?  Yeah, no one likes those.  So don't hand them out.

It's hard to tell if city officials are actually joking or if there is actually a ban.  If you head over to their facebook page, you'll see that they are taking the candy ban pretty seriously with multiple posts about it.  Whether or not they are actually banned, we can probably all agree that peanut butter kisses do indeed suck.

If you had the power to ban a single piece of candy from being handed out on Halloween, what would it be?