Three states had marijuana legalization proposal on their ballots yesterday, and two of those states passed the provision.  Colorado and Washington voters chose to end marijuana prohibition in their states, while Oregon voters chose to vote down the proposal.

On the local level, Grand Rapids voters passed Proposal 2, decriminalizing marijuana in the city.  WoodTV reports that Proposal 2 makes a first-time marijuana possession offense a $25 fine, $50 for a second offense and $100 for the third (and any subsequent) offenses.  The measure is modeled after the long standing decriminalization law in Ann Arbor.  For a complete explanation of the law, you can head over to

According to NORML, a pro-legalization organization, "The significance of these events cannot be understated. Tonight, for the first time in history, two states have legalized and regulated the adult use and sale of cannabis."