Well, it's officially the Monday after the Super Bowl.  There is a good chance you called in sick today and are hungover right now.  There is also a good chance that the "no more football blues" are starting to creep into your head.  But when football season ends, so begins the season of new commercials.

Connie, Fish, and Steve all thought that this years commercial have been better than years past.  Which commercials did they like the best?  Let's find out.


1) Snickers' commercial

2) Google's commercial

3) Doritos' commercial with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott


1) The Rock's Intro (Um, Fish...  That wasn't a commercial.)

2) Doritos' commercial with Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott

3) Snickers' commercial


1) Jeep's 'Groundhog Day' commercial with Bill Murray

2) Pringles commercial with Rick and Morty

3) Honda's commercial with Chris Evans, Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski and David Ortiz

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?  Post a link in the comments.

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