It's STILL flu season.

If your kids have a routine visit to the doctor's office coming up, there is reason to be cautious.  The waiting room can be full of germs.

Do you let your kids play with the toys at the doctor's office?

I think most (hopefully every) doctor's office takes extraordinary measures to clean toys and keep waiting rooms free of germs.  But it's never going to be perfect.

There's a fine line between being a germaphobe and just using common sense.  A doctor's waiting room might be just the place to exercise your inner germaphobe.  They can be full of germs. says some of the germiest places at the doctor's office include chairs, doorknobs, and toys.

And don't forget about the books and magazines.  Some doctor's offices have gotten rid of magazines to stop the spread of germs.

I try to keep my kids from playing with the toys at the doctor's office.  It's BYOT.  We bring our own toys, but sometimes long waits lead to breaking this rule to increase the chances of me retaining my own sanity.