I know being a substitute teacher is tough work, but showing up drunk isn't going to help.

The teacher, who taught at the Blissfield Middle School has behaving strangely, so concerned students told the principal who called 911. It turns out he was just black out drunk, which is not helpful when teaching an in person class during a pandemic, when students are leery of strange behavior, thinking you might have CoVid-19.

It's got to be weird when you're a kid, and your teacher is a little tipsy. You're not familiar with drunk behavior yet, so the whole experience has got to be disconcerting.

I never saw a teacher drunk, but I'm pretty sure a couple of priests I served weekday Masses for were a little inebriated. One had a hard time keeping steady, and one fell asleep when he bowed his head and prayer and didn't wake up for five minutes. I swear to God it was the longest five minutes ever. Finally, the kid I was serving Mass with nudged him and he came to. And then he looked at me like it was my fault.

Did you ever have an adult show up drunk when you were a kid? It's odd isn't it?






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