French Montana has issued a statement amid backlash over comments he made seemingly supporting R. Kelly. The rapper has said his "heart is with the victims."

"Let me clear. My heart is with the victims. I never thought that people I looked up to as a kid, who sang and danced and gave me hope to become a superstar would become drug addicts, child molesters and rapists. I am hoping we as a culture create better leaders. We need them," he said.


Fans are declaring French Montana canceled after the rapper came to the defense of R. Kelly amid sexual abuse allegations.

Speaking with TMZ on Saturday, Montana compared Kelly's situation to that of the late Michael Jackson. He suggested that the "Ignition" singer deserves to "enjoy" his legacy, despite the serious allegations against him.

"All the greats went down like that," he said. "Let somebody enjoy their legacy. Whatever happened, happened, man."

Asked if everyone should stop listening to Kelly's music, Montana laughed. He then shifted the blame on fans.

"They don't let nobody have their legendary moments," he said.

Following his controversial statements, fans have had enough with the "No Stylist" rapper. Many are calling for him to get the same treatment as Kelly -- full cancelation.

"French Montana waited all this time to join the list of people that have to put their foot in their mouths for seemingly supporting R Kelly," one fan wrote.

Another said, "Welp... time to delete French Montana albums."

Montana hasn't responded to the outrage at this time.

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