What do you do when you get embarrassed? What do you get embarrassed about?

According to a new survey, when we get embarrassed

-33% of us apologize

-22% crack a joke

-21% pretend it didn't happen

-and 6% leave the ROOM

Here's some other things that the survey told us.

1.  65% of employees have embarrassed themselves at work.


2.  72% of women and 56% of men think LYING to avoid an embarrassing moment is okay.


3.  The most embarrassing age is 16, but 28% of adults STILL feel like they're in an "awkward stage."


4.  12% of Americans have had their credit card declined while they were on a date.


5.  Women say the most embarrassing thing they've done on a date is spill FOOD on themselves . . . men say it's PASSING GAS.