I'm about to embark on my second annual girls' weekend away tomorrow. Sometime tomorrow morning, my sister-in-law will be picking me up and we'll be off for a fun-filled weekend in Louisville with some of our favorite people.

Our girls' weekend isn't the norm, as far as I know. It all started last year, when Southwest Airlines offered some cheap airfare, and three of us decided that we wanted to do a getaway to Nashville. It was to be my cousin, her college roommate (who is also my friend), and myself. We decided "the more the merrier", and invited another cousin, my sister-in-law, and my cousin's current roommate. Suddenly girls' weekend had grown!

Now, for my sister-in-law and I, last year was a bit of a pain. The closest Southwest hubs to Grand Rapids are in Chicago or Detroit. Oh well, we'll drive. However, my sister-in-law still lives in the UP, so it ended up being a pretty long day in a car for her (not to mention we got lost trying to find the airport).

But anyway, once we made it to Nashville, we had a fun-filled, action-packed weekend in a new city. We had a million things we wanted to do, and managed to do the majority of them. But, I felt like I needed an extra day when I got home just to recover from the constant running around we did.

Last year, we experienced the Country Music Hall Of Fame, the Parthenon (no seriously, they have a replica of it there), a live taping of The Grand Ole Opry, a drunken bus tour of the city (check out the Nash Trashed tours if you're ever there and looking for that kind of thing), and ate more BBQ than any group of women ever should in one sitting.

This year is a little different. In a way, it's a bachelorette party for my cousin. In another way, it's a chance for all of us to relax as our lives have all been crazy lately. We're probably going to be the lamest group of girls ever, but we'll be relaxed, and we'll be having our own brand of fun.

Do you do a girls' weekend with your girlfriends? Do you usually travel far away, or do you keep it close to home?