I don't know why this happened. Frankly, it's not my place to ask questions. But, I do have one - where does one find an adult-sized corgi costume? I need to know. For reasons.

It really doesn't matter, I suppose. What does matter is that these "four Corgi-obsessed friends with five Welsh Corgis" dressed up like their dogs and danced to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off". You know, like you do. 

While we are definitely reaching a point of definite "Shake It Off" parody overkill, I for one, will always make room for anything Corgi-related in my life. So, this video gets to stick around.

The real Corgis in the video (Sophie & Bigeera, Maggie, Penny, and Helena) can all be found on Instagram (just click on their name and you'll be brought to their page), so you can do that if you're into following dogs on Instagram. (I am. Don't judge me.)