Turns out, it most likely is!

On today's show I got a message from a woman who is concerned because her husband wants to sleep in separate beds. She was afraid it would kill her marriage, he says there's nothing to worry about, he just needs sleep.

We brought this up on the air, but I also found a video that could help anyone who might visit this issue.

Here are just a few facts from the video:

  • The idea of couple sleeping together is newer to civilization. In ancient Rome, people only shared a bed when...ehh...hehehe...doing it.
  • Sharing a bed started in the industrial era when people were moving to cities in limited space.
  • In 2005, the National Sleep Foundation found 1 in 4 American couples still sleep in separate beds.
  • 60% of participants in an online poll say they sleep better alone.

Given the choice, how do you sleep? Alone or with your partner?